Vanilla ice cream cones at the park and warm sugar cookies in grandmother’s kitchen... It is the essence of simple pleasures and sweet creature comforts.


Vanilla Chill brand was created to offer a little slice of that sweetness of childhood through basic, vintage-inspired handbag designs, each creation embodying the cool calm of a vanilla ice cream cone on a hot summer day. The story of the brand begins with a basic idea to honor the simple pleasures of life while protecting the earth through eco-friendly products and practices.

There are many people around the world today who share a sensitivity to unnatural fabrics and are very sensitive to clothing materials manufactured from poor quality synthetic products. That’s why the eco-friendly mesh bags and other products of Vanilla Chill are all made with natural fabrics and fibers that are good for the earth and for everyone in the household. We would love you to enjoy the simple things in life and feel good doing it.

A Vanilla Chill logo includes a hammock to represent a spirit of mindful living in harmony with nature, with community, and with oneself. The goal is to go with the flow and enjoy the simple pleasures in life  :-)

Here’s hoping you find your chill!




Vanilla Chill eco bags - an eco- conscious choice when it comes to your shopping and grocery bags! 


Vanilla Chill reusable net shopping bags help reduce the use of plastic bags. Mesh bags are looking macrame bags alike, are resistant and expandable. Vanilla Chill cotton bags helping you reduce waste and protect the environment.



Enjoy many versatile uses of this woven mesh French market bag. Easy capacious for carrying and storage of fruits & veggies, grocery items, farmer's market selections, bread, and baked goods. 


Vanilla Chill string shopping bag is also used as extra lightweight beach bag, tote bag, clothes shopping bag pool & activities bag, toy storage, net market bag, and gym bag. 



Vanilla Chill net tote bags are crafted from lightweight cotton threads with an extra large and comfortable handles bag straps made of resistible cotton twill tape. 

The cotton net tissue material of this fishnet bag with large shoulder handles straps is fine enough to roll up into a nearly pocket-sized package.


The cotton fabric is 100% biodegradable and compostable. 


STRONG AND DURABLE - Vanilla Chill mesh cloth bags are light and trendy, crafted for maximum strength and long-lasting durability. Vanilla Chill shopping bags - natural choice to reduce, reuse, and recycle! 


100% MACHINE WASHABLE preferably cold washed and dried flat. The cotton mesh material is easy to clean, hand & machine cold washed.

 Vanilla Chill are versatile multi-use bags...





Vanilla Chill 100% Cotton Net Shopping Bag have 30cm (12" ) long and 4 cm large comfortable handle straps.




Vanilla Chill cotton netting stretches very well and make these mesh bags the best choice for storing fruits, vegetables, swim gear, beach toys or laundry.




The natural cotton Net Shopping Bag is extremely light-weight. Net Shopping Tote can be folded in any shape and size.



Vanilla Chill eco bags, Bilbao Spain

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